VIVE Culture Church is a family church in Kansas City, Missouri with exciting kids programs, an energetic atmosphere, and Bible-centered messages.

Our Lead Pastors, Brian and Alicia, have been married for 14 years and both attended Masters Commission Bible College in San Diego where they met. After 15 years in pastoral ministry serving in several areas such as a family pastor, students pastor, and worship pastor, in 2017 God began preparing the Roses to plant a non-denominational, Spirit-filled church in Kansas City that they co-pastor together.


Kansas City is one of the fastest-growing cities that draws people from all over the world. It's ranked the top 3 places in the nation to raise a family and yet, 80% of the population is unchurched and are not in a Jesus-Church. 


The team that stewards the vision of VIVE Culture is committed to building a local community where people of all backgrounds, regardless of where they are at in their spiritual journey, feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. This House is not defined by color, creed, or background but defined by a passion for God, for life, and for people. That's what we are about. Brian and Alicia always dreamed of leading a church that looked like a home, felt like a home, and acted as a home.


Brian and Alicia have six amazing kids: Kaitlyn, Makayla, Riley, Brooklyn, London, and Jude.

Our heart is that VIVE Culture Church will not be built on the hard work of a few but will be built by everyone that calls it home. We are simply a platform, not the show. There’s only one person who is center of it all and that’s Jesus. So when we allow Him to take center stage and edit our plans in life, we arrive at a life we could only dream of.


That is why every given Sunday we show up to be a part of a radical life and a passionate expression of real people living out a real relationship with Jesus-daily! Not religious? Neither are we. It’s all about relationship. We love life and love the people we get to share it with. The best is still to come.




There is something intrinsically inside every person that wants our lives to matter. We want to be known as a somebody. Sadly, the popular path towards success comes at the expense of other people. We aren’t naturally wired to wake up and think of putting other people before ourselves.


Jesus came to change that. He came to break the mold.


This is a book about understanding that pursuing a life of servanthood will actually open up doors for your life that would never be possible any other way. It’s about giving everything you have and leveraging all of your influence for the greater good of someone else. Pursuing a life of servanthood paves the way for God to use you in unimaginable ways.


What would our homes, relationships, workplaces, and cities look like if we woke up every single day with the intention of putting others before ourselves? Fortunately for us, Jesus showed us what immeasurable joy we can have in our lives when we make serving others a lifestyle.

Brian & Alicia Rose

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