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Department: Creative Arts

Status: Part-Time


The role of the Creative Arts Director is to create a culture of engaging, responsive expression in our gatherings. Music/Production is one of our anchors at VIVE Culture as we create an environment for people to connect with God in a real way. When we gather, we love to sing and lift up the name of Jesus.


This position requires overseeing all aspects of the music and live production portions of the gatherings and the ability to recruit, train, and develop teams. This person must love working in a team environment and thrive in a fast-paced culture where we are always finding new ways to reach and develop people. This will require the need to have a firm grasp on the core values, beliefs, and culture of VIVE, so that he or she may lead our creative arts team with those values and beliefs as guiding principles.


This person must have a strong work ethic because working at VIVE isn't a's a calling. 


-       Coach and develop the Creative Arts Team in a way that would encourage them to grow in their abilities

-       Pastor the key Team Leaders in his or her area and raise up leaders

-       Actively recruit, train, and develop musicians, vocalists, production team members (Strive to be three deep at every position)

-       Lead the song set experience on Sundays and First Wednesday gatherings (our night of worship and prayer) and other special events as needed

-       Ensure that financial procedures are followed in the Creative Arts Department

-       Regularly evaluate the Sunday experience to maintain a high level of excellence

-       You must be coachable as the Lead Pastors will continually be investing and speaking into this area of ministry as just one part of the overall vision of VIVE. 

-       Oversee the mid-week rehearsal 

-       Work closely with Online Director to ensure that weekend services are done well and as planned

-       Manage and oversee Planning Center Online

-       You must love working with people, love training and developing, and love building people to flourish

-       Oversee and repair live production equipment

-Oversee the spiritual development of the entire team

-Actively working to write/record songs in our House from the heart of VIVE




-       Must be proficient as a musician and vocalist

-       Ability to work with production/online team

-       Must have a great attitude, easy to work with and must be a leader who can problem solve



-       Represent a growing personal relationship with Christ

-       Participate in a Connect Group on a regular basis. You must be getting pour into as much as you are pouring out.

-       Set appropriate boundaries in life and ministry to protect his or her character and integrity

-       Faithfully give to the ministry of VIVE Culture Church 10%. We can't lead others that we personally don't practice ourselves

-       Always look for opportunities to inspire people to follow Jesus

How Do I apply?

Please send your resume to

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