With the President's sudden announcement today, it seems to have brought up more questions than clarity. So please let me take a few moments to speak only for VIVE Culture Church.

​For starters, we've been calling on our government leaders since the start of this to start calling churches essential. Not simply Christian churches, but all houses of worship essential. From the earliest days of our Christian movement in starting the first hospitals and schools and serving families and cities for centuries, I'm thankful that was stated clearly today. Churches ARE essential! They always have been.

​In saying that, just because something is legally permissible doesn't mean it's socially responsible. And for us, we are only accountable before God for VIVE Culture and no one else. The truth is, 90% of churches don't have massive facilities to be able to spread out right now. And it would be unwise of us to reopen VIVE Kids at the moment because kids have zero concepts of social distancing, and they shouldn't have to worry about that. They should just be kids. And we've already seen churches forced to close again due to breakouts and opening too early.

​VIVE isn't feeling any pressure to reopen sooner than we feel comfortable. There are so many factors involved and we are going to take it one step at a time. We are going to continue with our plan too slowly Phase back in starting this week with Phase 1 in full effect. We’ve never closed. We've still been gathering, serving together, people are being faithful with their giving online, our comment section has been our lobby on Sundays on FB, we are still making plans for the future to gather in the person in a space we can grow with families, VIVE Kids space, etc.

We've never been more excited about the future. We have not looked back at what we’ve lost but are hearts are full of expectation for what’s ahead in this new chapter. We have to remain faithful to what we feel in our hearts as we move forward responsibly.

​Our faith is fueled by how He's come through for us time and time again. We have a unique opportunity to get on page with what God is doing in this new hour and whatever He’s up to...VIVE Culture is all in!

​We love you VIVE. We are built for this. We will get through this. I promise you. It’s such an honor for Alicia and me to serve you and your families. If this is your home church, I pray you stay planted with us, lean in, stay engaged, stay open-handed, get in a home/connect group this week and let's keep believing that the best is still to come.

​Community is intentional and you have to make it a priority. Church has never been a building. It’s wherever you are. So let’s shine brightly during this new season. We’ll see everyone on Sunday online at 10 am.

​Alicia Rose and I love you more than you know!

​For His fame,

Brian and Alicia Rose, Lead Pastors


We are beginning our in-person reopening plan with reasonable safety guidelines. Of course, these plans are subject to change as the situation develops and we have contingency plans in place in case they do.


We’ve been watching closely to everything happening and diligently working with our leadership team trying our best to balance just because it’s legally permissible, is it socially responsible.


So the first step is beginning Monday, May 18th, we are encouraging our church to gather in-person as Connect Groups again to build community and opening up in-home gatherings on Sundays. The break down for each phase is outlined in the reopening plan breakdown below.


Additionally, during our Sunday gatherings, our new location will be limited to 50% capacity and we plan to have dedicated entry and exit points, defined traffic patterns, ongoing sanitization in all areas, and an adjusted seating plan to accommodate reasonable spacing.


We welcome anyone who chooses to wear masks or other personal protection equipment, but will not require our VIVE teams or staff to do so.

We know this is just a season and that we will get through this together. We can’t wait to see what God does through our House during this next chapter. We are built for this!

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